Saturday, October 1, 2011

Android debugging with QuickNotice

What can you do if your Android App is not working as it should.For each problem there is an App!
The best is to use QuickNotice (link) to read and send the system information of your phone.

After you have downloaded and installed QuickNotice please do the follwoing:
  • start QuickNotice once to confirm EULA and settings.
  • start the software that is not working as you expect and reproduce the issue
  • start QuickNotice and do the follwoing.
Compose note Attach
As soon as QuickNotice is started you can attach different types of information to the note by taping on the attachment symbol. Now you can choose to attach the "system information"

Attach System information Send Note
It will take some view seconds to attach the read the log-cat data (debug output of all your Apps) from your phone. Now you can send the email with the attached information.

In your email software you can now forward the whole bunch of information to the developer of the app.

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