Monday, September 26, 2011

Emergency (ICE) and App2SD

Yes we do not support App2SD card due to the following reasons:

  • The importance of the health information of our users
  • Google/Android rules say that important data shall NOT be on an SD-card.
  • The Widget has restrictions if the software is on the SD card.
We have moved some of our apps on the SD card. But we are following the recommendations from Google!
If you like you can read what Google officially says about “Applications That Should NOT Install on External Storage

Google says: If your application uses any of the features listed above, you should not allow your application to install on external storage.

But we are using several of the listed features:

  • We are using Alarm Services: to remind to update data once a month. We are also about to include a vaccination and maybe medicine reminder. They also use this capability
  • We have implemented an App Widget.
  • We are leveraging the Broadcast Receivers in order to update the timers.
  • Last but not least, what if a customer unmounts his SD card to exchange some music and then suddenly needs the Emergency data?

So we are just following the recommendations from them.

You can imagine that we are not happy if we are losing a customer due to this.
However the final decision is on you.

Your Wermescher Advisory team.

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